With the launch of the new EV charging station Ex9EVD3, NOARK Electric caters to owners and users of electric cars who are looking for a convenient, safe and fast solution for recharging the batteries of their vehicles at home. Those interested in domestic charging stations can receive a subsidy of 15–35 thousand Czech crowns which is now part of the New Green Savings Programme (Nová Zelená Úsporám).

According to statistics, there are around 15,000 electric vehicles (EV) on the roads in the Czech Republic. Their users use over 1,364 charging stations with more than 2,643 charging points (according to official statistics made public by the Ministry of Industry & Trade of the Czech Republic).

Owners of family housescan also charge their electric cars at home in the garage. They can be served by slow AC chargers for ordinary 230 V sockets or special DC charging stations, which recharge the EV batteries much faster.


The new NOARK Ex9EVD3 charging station belongs to the first group.It is wall-mounted and designed for charging electric vehicles (EV) at home. Its base is equipped with an internal type B current protector, which is a necessary part of EV charging stations and is able to detect leakage of DC, AC or a pulsating direct current.

"The station with a three-phase charging current of up to 32 A is available both in a version with an integrated charging cable equipped with a T2 terminal (versions T2C 16A and T2C 32A) and with a T2 plug on the front (versions T2S 16A and T2S 32A ) for which the cable is not part of the package," says Michal Růžička, Product Manager of NOARK Electric, which is a global company specializing in manufacturing of electrotechnical components. "The optional component is the Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) module. This feature prevents users from exceeding the maximum permitted current of the main circuit breaker when the EV charging station is operated simultaneously with other appliances in the household."

The setting of the charging current in five different levels is selected by the user manually or is set automatically by the DLB module. The maximum charging power can reach 11 kW for the 16A variants of the chargers and up to 22.1 kW for the 32A versions.


The updated version of the New Green Savings subsidy program was launched in September 2023 and is designed to newly support EcoMobility. Therefore, those interested can receive a subsidy of 15,000 CZK for the installation of a charger in a family home, 25,000 CZK per charging point in an apartment building (homeowners associations or housing cooperatives) and a maximum of 35,000 CZK per charging point in an apartment building belonging to public administrations, municipalities and organizations they subsidize.

Another variant of EV charger Ex9EV1 T1

  • Tested according to IEC/EN 61851
  • Installation directly on wall
  • 1phase or 3phase versions
  • Charging current up to 32 A
  • Plug type 1 (5 pins) or type 2 (7 pins)
  • Including RCCB B type
  • Degree of protection IP44

EV charging cable Ex9EVC1

  • Tested according to IEC/EN 61851
  • Mobile solution of EV charging
  • 1phase or 3phase versions
  • Adjustable charging current up to 13/16 or 32 A
  • EV plug Type 1 (5 pins) or Type 2 (7 pins)
  • Grid plug UNISCHUKO, Type G 13A fused (UK standard), CEE 16A/5p or CEE 32A/5p
  • Integrated RCCB type B
  • All necessary protections
  • Degree of protection IP55 (plugs IP44)