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Ex9BP are designed for direct current applications. Thanks to their polarity independency are suitable for photovoltaic aplications. It can be combined with wide range of accessories including auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trip release and undervoltage release. It is possible to create diversed combination of accessories. These combinations are only limited by total number, not by the type of accessories - all components fit together. It can be used up to three units of auxiliary or alarm contacts plus up to two units for release units.

Installation contactors Ex9CHM

Installation contactors Ex9CHM with manual operation are suitable for household and building modular dis-tribution boards. It is used as remote or manual switch for circuit control under AC-7b and AC-7a application category (e.g. mixers, blenders, fans, central vacuum). The contactor shall not be used for breaking short-circuit current, therefore it should be used with a proper short-circuit protection device.

The contactor has 4 selectable positions:

  • O - permanently OFF
  • AUTO - switched while the supply voltage is provided to the coil
  • I - manually swicthed , automatically returns to “AUTO“ position after the supply voltage ends
  • I+P - permanently ON