102401 Modular relay Ex9CH20 11 24V 50/60Hz

EAN: 8592765024022

Modular relays Ex9CH20 are suitable for household and building modular distribution boards. They are mainly used in building automation processes for switching and controlling lightings, heating systems, ventilations, pumps, heating pumps and other applications. Optical indicator on the front side indicates status of the contacts and voltage on control coil.


Paremeter Value
Slider for hand switch NO
Number of modular spacings 1
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Voltage type (excitation voltage) AC
Rated excitation voltage 24
Number of normally closed contacts 1
Built-in depth 67.5
Rated operation current 20
Rated operating voltage
Voltage type (operating voltage) AC
Utility category 1
Number of normally open contacts 1
Additional equipment possible NO


Document Type Document Name Size Format
Manual Mounting instruction Ex9CH20 1.1mb PDF
Declaration of Conformity Declaration of conformity Ex9CH20 0.5mb PDF
Datasheet Datasheet Ex9CH20 1.7mb PDF
Catalogue Catalogue Installation Devices 0.1gb PDF